Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Cakes That Kick Ass

If only Duncan Hines boxed these cakes!  Inspired by some of the delectably scary discoveries of fellow horror enthusiast @1twistedmind, I went searching through Flickr and found these tasty treats for you to sink your teeth into. 
Bleeding Brains, always a hit at parties. (source)

I wonder if we'll find corn from 1987 if we cut open the large intestine. (source)

Nothing says cute and fun like a day at the lake. (source)

I have nothing witty for this one, it's just neat. (source)

Scary and beautiful. (source)

Eat this one before he eats you. (source)

Once again, nothing witty to spout, just super cool. (source)

There's always one horny devil at each party. (source)

Saved the best for last:  FETUS CAKE
This has got to be one of the most inventive, sick cakes I've ever seen.
I wonder who the brave soul was who hacked into this thing first. 
Definitely read the story from the cake maker on the source page.

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