Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Every Little Girl's Xmas List: The Living Dead Dolls

Cross the names of the little girls in your life off the Xmas shopping list, I've found the perfect gifts:  The Living Dead Dolls.  Created by friends and lifelong horror fiends, Ed Long and Damien Glonek, these terrifying, but endearing dolls are now sold through Mezco Toyz.  They can be ordered directly from Mezco (mostly recent releases) or you can locate a local vendor or attend a convention (listed on the website) to try to find some of the retired dolls.


  1. These dolls are amazing. Mezco never fails to design something blood-chilling, so beautifully haunting that you must have.I especially like the Isabel doll pictured here. It almost looks like an opera haunting,a poor girl who wants only to have eyes, and creats a facade of "alive" (mask of living eyes)until she can find someone to take her place,so that she can take their eyes...

  2. Just so the readers know, the Living Dead Dolls were actually created by two long time horror fiends Ed Long and Damien Glonek. These two guys designed and handcrafted these unique dolls themselves giving each a totally unique character. The cool packaging and death certificates were their idea as well. It was not until a trade show where these guys were showcasing their dolls that a representative from Mezco saw their booth, bought a doll and later contacted them about larger scale manufacturing. You can actually read the full story of how these dolls came to be by checking out there main website. Here is a link to the creators story: http://www.livingdeaddolls.com/lddsite.html

    Sorry, I just hate to see the manufacturer get all the credit here when this all started with two guys creative brilliance, hard work and love of horror movies.

  3. Thank you Angry Celiac for sharing the background info and website for Real Dead Dolls. I read the history of how the dolls came to be mass produced by Mezco. Damien and Ed got to see their creations made available in greater quantity for more people who want them, but it does sound like they still have control over all the designs, and that's the ideal marriage of creation and production.


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