Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 Yesteryear Halloween Traditions

I found this great post on Mental Floss (I've sung their praises before, seriously, if you haven't visited them, get yer ass over there) called The Quick 10: 10 Halloween Traditions.  As much a fan of history as horror, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this list of Halloween traditions.  I had been expecting to read about the basics: why we carve pumpkins, why kids dress up, etc.  While the basics are briefly touched upon, most of the list showcases some traditions I've never before encountered.  It seems that back in the day, girls were obsessed with finding out who their husbands would be, and I guess Halloween was just as good a time as any to figure it out.  I've copied the best item listed below, but be sure to go check out the full list, it's just bizarre.

Floured Slugs: OK, one more weird wedding game for you. In 19th-century Ireland, women would sprinkle flour on a plate and then drop a slug on it. As the slug wriggled its way across the plate, it would leave a pattern in the flour that was supposed to show them what their husband was going to look like. I suppose it’s kind of like reading tea leaves, but I keep picturing this moment where a women sees the love of her life for the first time from across the room, rushes over to him, takes his face in her hands and passionately cries, “I saw your face in the slug flour!”

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