Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Amityville Horror" House For Sale, Asking $1.15 Million - Gothamist

"Amityville Horror" House For Sale, Asking $1.15 Million - Gothamist

Photo from the actual real estate listing - more photos of the interior rooms and exterior are on the listing.

I like what commenter "stuporman" said:

"I grew up in Amityville. The only horror was taxpayers having to front the cost of having a patrol car posted in the vicinity of the house to keep drunks from screaming ghost noises into the windows at 3am. Also, true story: one time, Rikki Rocket, the drummer from Poison pulled up in a limo and asked some friends of mine where the house was and they got to pile into the limo and take him there, which I suppose was pretty friggin' cool when you're in 7th grade."


Friday, May 14, 2010

Creepy Doll Island

Obsessive crazy people always make for interesting blog posts.

Over fifty years ago, Don Julian Santana left his wife and child and moved onto an island on Teshuilo Lake in the Xochimilco canals. According to some, a young girl actually drowned in the lake, while most others, including his relatives, say Don Julian Santana merely imagined the drowned girl. Regardless, Don Julian Santana devoted his life to honoring this lost soul in a unique, fascinating, and—for some—unnerving way: he collected and hung up dolls by the hundreds. Eventually, Don Julian transformed the entire island into a kind of bizarre, (for some) horrifying, doll-infested wonderland.

For the full story and to view more Flickr images of the dolls, visit the Atlas Obscura site.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ThinkGeek :: Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood Bath Shower Gel
  • Great for scrubbing up after all sort of "activities."
  • Cherry-scented and stuffed into a IV-styled, blood bag.
  • Norman Bates approved.
  • Net Wt. 400ml
  • Dimensions: approx. 1.75" x 4.25" x 7"

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cartoon Skeletons

At some point we've all wondered what our favorite cartoon characters would look like if flayed open and their internal skeletal system was on display.  Well, at least I have.  And now we know...

To view more cartoon skeletons, visit the Photo Jobs website.