Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Amityville Horror" House For Sale, Asking $1.15 Million - Gothamist

"Amityville Horror" House For Sale, Asking $1.15 Million - Gothamist

Photo from the actual real estate listing - more photos of the interior rooms and exterior are on the listing.

I like what commenter "stuporman" said:

"I grew up in Amityville. The only horror was taxpayers having to front the cost of having a patrol car posted in the vicinity of the house to keep drunks from screaming ghost noises into the windows at 3am. Also, true story: one time, Rikki Rocket, the drummer from Poison pulled up in a limo and asked some friends of mine where the house was and they got to pile into the limo and take him there, which I suppose was pretty friggin' cool when you're in 7th grade."


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