Monday, September 20, 2010

Atlanta Zombie Walk this weekend

The Atlanta Zombie Walk will be taking place this Sunday, September 26th. According to the Atlanta Horrorfest website, the exact meet-up location has not yet been determined, but the basic route is mapped and, of course, the zombies will be making a trip through Historic Oakland Cemetery.
Atlanta photographer Josh D. Weiss took some fantastic photos of last year's Atlanta Zombie Walk, which he posted to his blog. Hopefully he'll venture out and get some shots of this walk as well. I've pulled my favorites and posted them below, but be sure to head to his site to check out the rest, there's plenty of great ones.

From Josh D. Weiss Photography:
The parade was lots of people, as you might expect, who were dressed as zombies roaming the streets together.  Their final target was downtown Atlanta at Underground, but they scheduled a detour to the Oakland Cemetery where there was a festival going on.  Oh yeah, they did this unannounced.  Made for some confused festival goers.

We are lazy dumbasses

It's been a few months since we've taken the time to do anything with our blog. I could say "well, I was having a baby and got sidetracked and Patrice was so swamped with work". This was true, but only up to a point, and then I had my baby and Patrice's crazy deadlines came and went and guess what? We still didn't do squat. The reason is that we are two lazy dumbasses who let mindless real world minutia distract us from what really matters: writing dribble on horror related things for a bunch of nerds. We are ashamed.

We humbly ask your forgiveness and will try to do better. If we don't, I'm throwing Patrice under the bus and blaming her.