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The Creepy Art of "Fizzgig" contains a plethora of incredibly talented artists.  Fizzgig is my latest fave.  Peruse through his creepy prints and perhaps take some home for your very own.

Best Zombie Costume

This is hands down the best zombie costume ever, probably the most realistic for not being costuming in a film.  Click here for the original link from Street Anatomy, which includes a link to purchase the costume.

Paste's 25 Best Worst Horror Movies

This was such a fun list to read through.  Paste Magazine has created a list of their 25 Best Worst Halloween Movies of All Time.  Some of these are seriously hysterical, making the cut of being so bad that they're good.  However, they've got Sleepaway Camp in there, not sure that I agree with that.  Campy-scary? Yes, absolutely. But one of the worst?  Nah, I wouldn't categorize it as that.  Here are my favorites:

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Self-mutilating pumpkins in "Halloween Awakening"

Aww, what a cute pumpkin, cutting himself into a jack-o-lantern...hey, wait, I see strings, this is fake?!

Songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the best movies ever, hands down, is The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Words cannot properly express how much I love this movie.  It combines my favorite things: Disney, creepiness, musical numbers and animation.  With music by Danny Elfman and created by the King of Creep, Tim Burton, it was a grand slam the moment it was conceived.  For your viewing and listening entertainment, I present some of the awesome songs of TNBC:




Drag Me To Hell (in a handbasket)


Alison Lohman..........Christine Brown
Justin Long.................Clay Dalton
Lorna Raver................Mrs. Ganush
Dileep Rao..................Rham Jas

I don't know if I should start because I thought it was fairly lame.

I had the impression that it was actually dark and scary, which is what I expect in a horror movie... and it did get a little creepy in some parts, especially at the beginning of the appearance of the demon presence:  when Christine is at home and the thing is lurking and throws her around, that was actually a little frightening. What annoyed me was the way they did the scenes with the old gypsy woman. She was creepy and ominous in the build-up... but when the action started with her, and throughout the movie, I found myself annoyed with the ridiculous, almost slapstick approach. I half-expected a laugh track.  I definitely did jump a few times, must  admit there were some things that did scare, still…

I didn't dig the girl. She was pretty dippy. I was distracted by her dizzying array of hairdos.  And not at all believable as a loan officer.  Pfft.  However, I loved the psychic guy and thought his scenes had more of what I was hoping for as far as the ominous foreboding. Plus, I just liked him.  And I like Justin Long, and as funny as he is anywhere else, he managed to play a great straight role in this movie. I liked his performance.

I enjoyed DMTH.  I do agree that it was marketed in a way that leads one to believe that the movie will be darker and scarier and not so campy.   Right after it was released, I read a couple of reviews that commented on the campy nature of it, so I guess that's why I ended up enjoying it, I knew going in what sort of feel to expect.

There were a couple of moments that did make me jump and want to cover my eyes, but I found myself laughing out loud more than I found myself getting scared. About halfway through the movie I noticed that others in the theater seemed a little more at ease and we were all commenting "don't go in there" and such.

I was SO grossed out by the stuff with the old woman.  The bodily excretions made me want to barf.

Yeah, those things were played up quite a bit and I whole heartedly agree they were very nauseating, but I got such a kick out of those gags. When she's first in the bank and she's oozing and dripping and her teeth, oh god, her teeth...

and the loogie she hocked up…


I know!

Oh, something I noticed in the film…I wasn't sure if it was basic product placement or if it was supposed to be just a little nudge towards Justin Long's other gig, but I laughed out loud when they showed a close-up of his iPhone and his Mac.  Gotta get that Apple plug in there!

I didn't even think about that - they're so ubiquitous now.

I liked the story itself and I think it could have been so much scarier, but I think Raimi was wanting to hearken back to his earlier projects, which he did a decent enough job of.

Well like Ghost Busters - more funny than scary.  So what did you think about the whole bank/boss/rival thing?

Didn't think on that part too much. Good enough set up to create the opportunity for her to interact and piss off the old hag, so that worked. But I really kept hoping something bad would happen to the rival. But I'm a spiteful bitch...

No, I'm with you. As soon as the psychic said "you have to give that to somebody" I was yelling "oh, oh, the dude at the bank!”  Then he turned out to be a douchebag anyway.

That whole part of the movie was nothing more than a reason for her to meet the old woman and then to have someone to potentially ruin, which she didn't do.  I was disappointed.

And what was with the "you used to be fat" stuff?  She did eat a lot of crap when she got upset, that's for sure. But I don't know where they were going with that.

And the boyfriend's parents…Again, just a setup for her to experience the demon that no one else could see or hear.
Seriously improbable scenario there: they hate her until she blurts out that her mother is an alcoholic who never goes out... like that has anything to do with anything anyway... and then they're all, "oh she's so refreshingly honest, now we like her".  So odd.

I understood the scenario with meeting the parents, gives the excuse for the demon to wreak havoc, but I also found the part where she admits her mother is an alcoholic and everyone celebrates it to be a little contrived.  First they don't like her, then they like her, then there's weird stuff in the cake and they don't like her yet again. Back and forth, back and forth.

Oh yeah, the scene with the eyeball in the cake - I guess they were just trying to work in more hallucination/special effects.

And the repetitive over the top scenes where she's doing battle with the old woman...those, while funny at times, got a bit old and very, very drawn out.  The incident in the tool shed started off tense, but then by the end of that scene, I was ready for it to be done, just a little too much in my opinion.  Overkill.  Chocolate syrup is good on a sundae, but when it runs out the side of the bowl, you need to stop.

All of the stuff with the old woman struck me that way.  It should also be noted that I was watching the director's cut, so there was extra stuff in there, but I don't know what it was and what was there originally.  I agree with you, that's exactly what my feeling is – overkill.  Just because you can do it, doesn't mean it adds anything.

I saw it in the theater, and there was overkill in the theatrical version, so lord knows what you got!


The movie was basically predictable. When the button/nickle plot point took place, totally saw that one coming a mile away.  But then again, maybe you were supposed to see that coming, so you were focused on that and not how it was going to end.

Don’t forget about  the whole digging the coffin up scene...oy!  First of all, no fucking way could she have done it, obviously, but damn, talk about drawn out

Ha!  The coffin scene was funny, but once again, overkill, got old after a bit.

Oh, I just remembered the kitten scene. L Didn’t you find that to be heart breaking?

That was completely unnecessary.

Maybe that's why they did it.

Seriously,  that pissed me off that they even put that in there!  Can’t even talk about it…

I did like the goat! 

OMG! Yes, the goat was the best part of the movie!  That part made me laugh my ass off!

If you watch the extra features on the DVD, it turns out that they had to use a mechanical goat because the real one was so friendly. 

So they replaced the goat because it was overly friendly?  What, did they expect to find one with a demonic attitude?  It’s a freaking goat!

They couldn't get him to just stand there - he kept looking at the actors and trying to nuzzle them at the table in that scene.


Yeah, the trainer kept saying he was just too adorable.  His name is "Billy", of course.  He was cute though - they showed some of the training in the extra stuff.  The extra material on the dvd was better than the movie, they showed how all the effects were done and interviewed all the actors and most of the designers.

Not that it matters, but the set up for the story, with the hispanic family and the demon ghost and the woman, was also not really necessary.  Hell, they could have just made up somebody who exorcises demons and it would have worked just as well.

Agreed.  I mean, I guess can understand someone being so upset about losing a child to a demon that they'd be out for revenge, thus the motivation to take this case even though she was basically retired, but yet another victim of overkill.

Come to think of it, so much of it was just contrived.  I'm not saying I hated it, but I guess it was disappointing to me. 

And they went to great lengths to create the look of the film, I mean, shit you would never notice.  Like with the psychic's shop - you would not believe the detail of the shit in that room.  They created this very elaborate backstory for him and I'm like...why?  None of that is in the movie.  They were showing all these fake books they made, the portraits on the walls, the tea he drank, the thing he smoked...

Maybe he'll be a spin off…

That wouldn't be a bad idea, I liked him more than the rest of the movie.

But when it comes to the look and feel of a movie, you at least want to get the props accurate, I get that

Yeah, but I didn't notice any of that shit and wasn’t able to see most of it in those scenes, just learned of it when viewing the extra features.

Well, despite the fact that I some of the scenes were way over thought and over done, and given that it was less scary and more campy, I did enjoy the movie.

I would say I did get some enjoyment out of it.  Not a huge endorsement, but it did have its moments.

That's an improvement, because initially you called it lame!
 Nah, I still think it was lame.  It had some good bits, but just overall tried too hard.

So, final verdict? I'd recommend watching it.  It was fun, though not necessarily scary

Yes, if you go into it knowing that it's more about the effects and that it is more funny than scary, then you will definitely enjoy it for those aspects.

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Original Ending to Paranormal Activity

Below is the original ending to Paranormal Activity.  What do you think, was it a change for the better?

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On Every Little Girl's Xmas List: The Living Dead Dolls

Cross the names of the little girls in your life off the Xmas shopping list, I've found the perfect gifts:  The Living Dead Dolls.  Created by friends and lifelong horror fiends, Ed Long and Damien Glonek, these terrifying, but endearing dolls are now sold through Mezco Toyz.  They can be ordered directly from Mezco (mostly recent releases) or you can locate a local vendor or attend a convention (listed on the website) to try to find some of the retired dolls.

Horror Movie Posters as Art

Featured on Creep Machine, via Mondotees, Methane Studios has released some pretty sweet posters that take on horror classics.  Each is for sale with a limited quantity, so get yours while they last.

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AMC Fear Fest '09

AMC Television is currently airing tons of scary movies through Halloween as part of Fear Fest '09.  I'm having a sick day from work right now, so I've been keeping myself from getting crazy with boredom by watching The Shining.  I know, ironic, isn't it?

(This is kind of how I feel right now)
Checking out their calendar, AMC has a few duds on the list (usually very early in the morning or in the middle of the night) but also some great classics as well. (Can one every see the original Halloween too many times?)  One that I'm really looking forward to is Pinata: Survival Island (aka Demon Island).  It's about a group of college students (those damn kids!) who crack open an ancient pinata and set all hell loose.  Does this sound fabulous or what! 

Watch Free B-Movies Online Courtesy of AMC

This is why I lurv Halloween, so many get in the gift-giving spirit and offer up free movies.  AMC TV is currently offering free b-movies online as part of their Fear Fest '09.  They've got several from which to choose; something to appeal to every taste.  I'm pretty damn excited about Fiend Without a Face, The Horror of Party Beach and Werewolves on Wheels.  That is some quality entertainment!  These are perfect for a dark, chilly night, with some pizza, popcorn, sugary candy and loads of beer.

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10 Yesteryear Halloween Traditions

I found this great post on Mental Floss (I've sung their praises before, seriously, if you haven't visited them, get yer ass over there) called The Quick 10: 10 Halloween Traditions.  As much a fan of history as horror, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this list of Halloween traditions.  I had been expecting to read about the basics: why we carve pumpkins, why kids dress up, etc.  While the basics are briefly touched upon, most of the list showcases some traditions I've never before encountered.  It seems that back in the day, girls were obsessed with finding out who their husbands would be, and I guess Halloween was just as good a time as any to figure it out.  I've copied the best item listed below, but be sure to go check out the full list, it's just bizarre.

Floured Slugs: OK, one more weird wedding game for you. In 19th-century Ireland, women would sprinkle flour on a plate and then drop a slug on it. As the slug wriggled its way across the plate, it would leave a pattern in the flour that was supposed to show them what their husband was going to look like. I suppose it’s kind of like reading tea leaves, but I keep picturing this moment where a women sees the love of her life for the first time from across the room, rushes over to him, takes his face in her hands and passionately cries, “I saw your face in the slug flour!”

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I'm in Ur Skul, Nomming Ur Brainz

20 Lamest Horror Movie Villains

I love lists related to the horror genre.  When Bravo TV has their 100 Scariest Movie Moments, I stop whatever I'm doing and watch, even though I've seen that show a million and one times.  When I saw the link for From Jigsaw to Leprechaun: Horror Movies' Lamest Villains, of course I had to click and see which ones they'd mention.  I was thinking I'd get a few good laughs, but really, I disagreed with most of the picks.

The title of the article is 'Horror Movies', so naturally you'd think it would focus on that genre.  Yeah, not so much.  Three of the movies/characters listed were the Aliens from "Mars Attacks!", George Hamilton's Dracula in "Love At First Bite", and Gina Davis' vampire Odette in "Transylvania 6-5000".  I mean, c'mon, of course those will seem lame if compared to Freddy Krueger!  Those movies could be called comedy or sci-fi but they most certainly cannot be called horror movies. 

Next, we've got the villains that are silly/tongue-in-cheek, but lame?  Nah, I wouldn't call them lame.  "Gingerdead Man", "Critters", "Killer Clowns From Outerspace", "Jack Frost" and "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" are not lame.  The little Irish terror from "Leprechaun" and Chucky from "Child's Play" are not lame.  They're damn awesome.  What we have is really more satire than pure horror.  I could be wrong, and I'm sure someone will tell me if that's the case, but those characters and their movies were created with the understanding that yeah, they're kind of dumb, but so much fun.  These movies are taking everyday, common items (with the exception being the alien furballs from "Critters") and make them want to kill you for no good reason.  Critters that terrorize hicks and chew out Billy Zane's guts?  Gary Busey as a homicidal gingerbread cookie guy?  That's just plain entertaining. 

Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies is also listed.  I'm sort of on the fence with this one.  If we're solely looking at the original "Saw" movie, he was freaking scary and deserves to be nowhere on this list!  However, as this dead horse of a series has been kicked repeatedly, he's lost a little of his terrifying flair.  So I'll give a little on this one, but only a little.

As for the rest of the villains on this list, well, I can go either way with them.  I'll let you check them out and you can make up your own mind. 

"They’re Alive: Real Scientific Reasons to Believe in Vampires, Werewolves, & Zombies"

We're all nice, semi-sane people, who loves to watch horror movies and ponder the what-if's, but we all know those scary monsters couldn't ever really exist...or could they?  Super awesome site Neatorama (subscribe to their feed if you haven't already) has posted a very interesting article orginally published by Mental Floss magazine (which also boasts a sweet feed to which you should subscribe).

The topics covered in this article are:
  • Dracula vs Cujo
  • The Madness of King George
  • Teenage Werewolf
  • Dawn of the Dead, Revisited
While most of us have been brought up thinking it was just old wives' tales and the like that 'created' these creepy creatures, author Matt Soniak details how science, surprisingly enough, may be just as guilty at bringing life to the undead and their fellow monsters.  Check out the full article and then venture on over to Mental Floss and Neatorama for more awesomeness.

"Truly Terrifying Fashion...Rodent Taxidermy Jewelry"

When I opened this link from my Google Reader this morning, I 'bout crapped myself when this popped up:

Needless to say, it caught my attention and I had to read more.  Was artist, Reid Pappard, killing cutie rodents for the sake of macabre fashion?  According to his website, the answer is no.  The animals used in his accessory line were those that had died of natural causes or scraped up as road kill.  In the disclaimer, the statement is made that every attempt is made to use as much of the animal as possible, both for the accessory line and as recycled food for other animals.  So really, I guess you can say he's being green?  For more disturbing pictures and a link to Pappard's website, check out the full article here.

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Hagstone Demon: A Re-Review

Sometimes, you can't see the beauty in something until you've stepped back from it, or, as in our case, laughed about it incessantly as you've told and retold the story of this movie to all your friends.  The Hagstone Demon is a movie that upon first glance is, well, not very good.  However, like a slow forming mold, it has grown on us and become part of us.

Initially, we gave Hagstone a poor review, basically saying it was a waste of time and a waste of money. But the more I talk about it with people and the more I think on it, I'm starting to get a warm fuzzy from it. Its odd. I'm not sure I'd ever watch it again, but I like it more and more the further I get from it and the more I talk about its horrific badness.  Definitely odd.

I know what you mean. I enjoyed writing and posting the review to the point that I was cracking myself up throughout. And every time I read our comments, I laugh again. Hagstone was not cinematically great, and yet, we got so much pleasure from it anyway.  And there's also the strangely compelling Mark Borchardt, the star, if you will.  There's just something about him that works in this movie, because he seems so believable as this character, even if the overall storyline is ridiculous.

The more I think on it, the more I think that the joke was on me. It's by no means a fabulous movie, and like you said, it has its flaws, but now I'm a fan of it. I had read a review on Quiet Earth about HD and they gave it a 3.5/4, which after initial viewing, i couldn't quite understand. But now I think this movie is like a fine wine, it can only be appreciated when aged properly.

All that being said, I still hold to my original review in terms of it being kind of confusing and disjointed, but now its endearing.  What's the phrase? Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or absence or something like that? Whatever it is, that concept applies to this movie.

I think it's the overall pleasure principle. Not a "good" movie, but a hell of a lot of fun. I can't say that I've laughed that hard in a movie in a long time - and better yet, in a theater with a bunch of other people! That was better than just watching it at home and thinking "what the hell is going on here?" In the theater, it was obvious we were all reacting the same way. There's a lot to be said for the vox populi.

Agreed.  If you make the mistake of watching it by yourself, then you'll end up disliking it. If you watch it with others, you can have fun laughing at it and then also have fun after the fact b/c it will basically end up being one long inside joke. Plus, add some alchohol, you'll have a dandy of a time with this movie.

Definitely moref un with other people! I had originally said that I thought this movie had cult potential down the road - and this is the reason that I thought so - movies like this that are a little wacky, unintentially funny, open for speculation due to plot weirdness - these are the kinds of movies that eventually become popular for all the wrong reasons.

It could very well end up being that way. I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Or, perhaps, couldn't see the forest for the crazy looking drooly demon cat.

I'm still laughing at the thought of the demon "snot" and the demon girl down the hole in the floor.

Ah, yes, the demon snot. And the girl wasn't a 'girl', she was a demon prostitute.  Let's keep it acurate...

So, final verdict: I've reconsidered my previous position and have decided I was wrong to judge so harshly.  This movie is good fun. Still, don't watch it alone, its just not the same without your cohorts.


I concur. It's one to see more than once. Mostly because the first time you'll miss a lot while laughing.

Day of the Dead Coloring Sheets for the Kiddies (& You)

Found a cool suggestion from Twitterer @WebAnna:  Do a Google search for Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) + coloring pages and you'll get quite a few really cool printable coloring sheets for you and the kids to color for some awesome holiday decorating.  Push aside the stupid macaroni collages on the fridge and make room for some truly awesome art.  Below are my favs:


And this picture has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it super cool, so enjoy it.

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Scary Movie Music Soundtracks

Quick: Name the scariest movie music of all time!
My bet is that most of you thought of Jaws.  Not surprising.  Music can make or break a movie.  A few years back, I saw a show on PBS honoring the music of John Williams.  Richard Dreyfus was a guest host.  For his part of the show, Dreyfus explained how a few simple notes changes the way a person views a movie.  First, a scene from Jaws was shown, minus the music.  Meh.  Then, the same scene was replayed, this time with Williams' killer soundtrack.  Movie magic, folks, with chill-bumps galore.  Heck, I'm still creeped out just jumping in the pool, hearing that music playing in the back of my mind...(are you hearing it too?)

Hop on over to Cinematical for their full list of Seven Great Horror Themes.

#6. John Williams "Main Title and First Victim" (Bruce the shark, Jaws) – John Williams is famously influenced by Wagner's leitmotif compositional structures where each character gets an individual theme, so it should have come as no surprise that he would create a theme even for the shark itself in Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Peter Benchley's novel. Stolen by countless filmmakers in subsequent films, albeit primarily for humorous purposes, the music has lost some of its impact detached from the film it came from. But in the context of that underwater opening and the sad fate of some poor skinny dipper, it's still as terrifying as the first day it made people never want to go into the water again.

My Zombie PinUp: Where Beauty Eats BRAAAIIINNNSSS!

Is there anything sexier than a partially decomposed zombie babe in lacey bras and garters? No, I didn't think so.  To order a calendar of your very own, click here.  Below are my favs.



Zombie Experiment – Social Game Development

In a fairly unique concept of game making, The Zombie Experiment has gone social with it’s latest development project and will build the zombie game that you want to see! Anybody with a dollar can get involved and earn a vote towards the direction an experienced team of game developers will take the game.

What’s it all about?
Welcome to G.A. Romero Comprehensive, a typical suburban school that covers grades 6-12. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the students and faculty, something far more sinister than mere teen hormones lurks beneath the unassuming structure.  Deep underground lies a secret research lab.  Crazed but brilliant scientist Dr. Alexander Boyle performs twisted research experiments here, using sewer rats, stray cats and dogs, and even lost bums as his test subjects.  Matters come to a head when Boyle perfects a technique for sustaining life past total brain death—and creates zombies as a result!  When his newest test subjects demonstrate that the alteration can be transmitted through blood or saliva, Boyle realizes he has gone too far. But is it too late? He struggles to create a cure as the zombies break free of his control and go on a rampage, working their way up to through the sewers and toward the unsuspecting school above.

Fortunately, four figures stand in the zombies’ way:
  • Jimmy Murphy is a brainiac, a bit of a geek who loves to explore on his own and to create wild inventions.
  • Barb O’Dea is a Goth who just wants to be left alone—and is more than happy to vent her rage on anyone who invades her privacy.
  • Mr. Savini works in the school cafeteria—but is that really who he is? He seems to know an awful lot about weapons, tactics, and combat for someone whose job is dishing up meat loaf!
  • Ms. Burns is the sixth-grade Civics teacher, a bombshell all the boys have crushes on and a former political activist who still enjoys getting up in arms when she feels strongly about a cause.
These four each discover the zombies below, and fall into the role of humanity’s defenders, blocking the zombie invasion and searching for its cause—and a possible solution.

At it’s heart the Zombie Experiment is a community developed game with the lofty aim of also helping charity; in this instance Team Fox’s Parkinson’s research (Team Fox is Michael J. Fox’s charity and, as you may know, he has Parkinson’s).

Basically by agreeing to fund the game you, the user, gets to help decide what goes into the game; so if it’s rubbish you’ve only got yourself to blame! Sounds like a brilliant concept to ZC.

What sort of game is it? I wanted a FPS!
One decision the community won’t be able to make is what kind of game it’s going to be. The decision to make an isometric/top-down shooter instead of a FPS or RPG came down to expectation management and the fact you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Without millions of dollars to create a the assets required in a FPS or the strong story and huge world of a RPG then users would likely be disappointed with the results. An isometric/top-down game with gameplay reminiscent of Smash TV or Crimsonland and cartoony graphics ensure a game that is good to look at, doesn’t require a top-end PC to play and is satisfyingly fun.

Why should I get involved?
Because if you don’t then you can’t complain when horribly bland zombie shooters come out.

How do I get involved? Can I add stuff that I like?
There are several ways to get involved and I recommend you dive right into the
forums to get a feel of how the decisions are made. The main way of getting involved is bringing ideas to the developers.  You need to make a donation to be entitled to vote, but a mere $10 guarantees that you’ll get a copy of the finished game when it’s released. You can continue to contribute after the initial donation and if you reach larger pre-arranged amounts you can get more perks such as being able to name bosses or items.  If you are a development professional you can offer your services by completing this simple form or even if you’re not you can help spread the word using Twitter, Facebook, Digg and more!

Okay I’m in! Where can I find out more?
Head on over to the
Zombie Experiment site to donate, create or otherwise get involved.

Reposted with permission from original source Zombie Command.  Follow @zombiecommand on Twitter!

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"The 15 Most Brutal Methods Of Execution Of All Time"

Well before the release of Heidi Montag onto the population at large, our medieval ancestors had created equally horrific methods of torture and execution.'s list of The 15 Most Brutal Methods Of Execution Of All Time contains some old favorites (Drawn & Quartered, Burned at the Stake) and some that were new to me (Columbian Necktie, ewwwwww). Below is an excerpt if you're short on time, but if you have a few, hop on over to Brainz and check out the entire list.


In South and Southeast Asia, the Elephant has been a method of capital punishment for thousands of years. The animals were trained to execute two ways. Slowly, in a prolonged manner, dismembering and torturing or by Crushing, which killed the victim nearly instantly. Usually employed by royalty, these elephant assassins only heightened the fear of royalty to the common people, proving that they even had the ability to control wild animals. The concept was eventually adopted and finessed by the Roman military to deal with deserting soldiers.

Paranormal Activity spoof by Nokia

You knew it had to happen sooner or later, so let the spoofs begin.  To market its new operating system, Maemo, Nokia has created a campaign capitalizing on the hype from Paranormal Activity.  To view the video, go to  Check out TechCrunch's article on this campaign along with more links about the product and perhaps a little tip on when to be watchful in the video.

Cats on Halloween

As cool as cats are, they can also freak out pretty easily. Witness these two brave moggies battling against what must be to them some pretty damn scary Halloween shenanigans...

If this doesn't put you in the mood for Halloween, nothing will!

I don't even know how to describe the intensity of the imaginary beings that this very talented artist creates. You'll have to check out the rest of his gallery, if you dare, and don't blame us if you can't sleep afterward!

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Threadless Halloween Tees for $10!!

Threadless is offering a selection of super nifty Halloween tees for just $10 through 10AM on October 20th.  The clock is ticking, so hurry up and do some shopping.  If you're in the gift giving spirit, you can buy me one of the following: