Friday, October 16, 2009

One of America's Creepiest Roads: Old Ghost Road in Brooklet, Georiga

Below is the Georgia excerpt from Digital City's post on America's Creepiest Roads. There are several other equally creepy roads from across this great nation listed, so click the link above and check 'em out.


"Generally known as one of the most haunted spots in the area, two old dirt roads in Brooklet, Georgia have had many ghost hunters scared out of their wits.
Folks traveling late at night along Railroad Bed Road and Old Ghost Road (Robertson Road) might see something eerie if they park their cars and wait for about ten to twenty minutes in the pitch dark.

If you're patient enough, you might be able to see something interesting. A faint orange light (one witness said it's actually red) flashing in the distance will eventually show up, and as you drive closer to it, you might soon see a man appear digging a ditch.

Depending on the story, the ditch digger is either working on a plantation crop, searching for his head or digging his grave. If you're still brave enough to keep watching him, he might walk toward your car. One witness reported that he will vanish before your car reaches him, then re-appear under the orange light as you pass through and drive away.

In case you're still not freaked out, there is supposed to be a small cemetery nearby, which adds to the creepy vibe. Other witnesses have also seen a few ghost dogs roaming about the area.

Still, non-believers think it's an urban legend designed to scare gullible thrill-seekers. Perhaps it is a figment of their imagination working overtime. Whether it's a real paranormal phenomenon or a complete hoax, these roads remain a popular site for those looking for unexplained mysteries.

There's so much speculation about this ghost road that a DVD video is being sold online on MySpace. Take a look if you dare ..."

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