Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"The 15 Most Brutal Methods Of Execution Of All Time"

Well before the release of Heidi Montag onto the population at large, our medieval ancestors had created equally horrific methods of torture and execution.  Brainz.org's list of The 15 Most Brutal Methods Of Execution Of All Time contains some old favorites (Drawn & Quartered, Burned at the Stake) and some that were new to me (Columbian Necktie, ewwwwww). Below is an excerpt if you're short on time, but if you have a few, hop on over to Brainz and check out the entire list.


In South and Southeast Asia, the Elephant has been a method of capital punishment for thousands of years. The animals were trained to execute two ways. Slowly, in a prolonged manner, dismembering and torturing or by Crushing, which killed the victim nearly instantly. Usually employed by royalty, these elephant assassins only heightened the fear of royalty to the common people, proving that they even had the ability to control wild animals. The concept was eventually adopted and finessed by the Roman military to deal with deserting soldiers.

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