Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Most Comprehensive List of Zombie Films Ever

Shout out to my friend Chris who sent me a link to what has to be the most comprehensive list of zombie films ever!  I thought I was pretty well-versed in even the most obscure of zombie films, but this list puts me to shame.  Since it is Wikipedia, I'm sure there are some additions that are questionable for this genre, although it does make a point of saying it does not include anything that falls under the umbrella of 'ghost, vampire or mummy'.  You're even given the ability to click to documentary vs. short film vs. television and so on.  All told, it looks to be pretty damn good.  I'm tempted to do a "list of my favorites" but it would most likely end up looking exactly like the Wikipedia list, so why bother.  Click around and find you some new zombie films to sink your teeth into! [sorry, I had to put at least one stupid pun in this post]

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