Thursday, February 18, 2010

Like to write about scary stuff?

Do you love horror movies, scary monsters, haunted houses, Halloween, and all things creepy and nightmarish? Do you write about them, or would you like to?

Bloody Blondes Blog would love to hear from you. Movie reviews, film festival reviews, observations on actors, directors, writers, horror novels, personal experiences (do you have any good ghost stories?) or any other horrifying content that would most devilishly fit in with the "spirit" of our blog are welcome.

Please email your submissions to and include your name, location, and a little background info about yourself if you'd like. Feel free to share your Twitter name as well.  Plain text is best, and if you have photos, you should send them in a compressed format such as a zip file.

We can't guarantee that everything we receive will be posted, but we will review and respond to anyone who contacts us!

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