Monday, February 22, 2010

The Alien Symbiote Cometh...

Went to the doctor today & it's official: I'M HAVING A GIRL! An Itty Bitty Bloody Blonde to add to the mix.
She's kind of freaky looking, ain't she?

Now, don't for a second expect me to start lavishing her with uber-frilly garments and lots of nauseatingly girly-cute stuff.  Oh no no no, my little girl will be raised properly!  I'm already shopping for the appropriate garb as we type.

Women in Horror posted on their Facebook page a link to an Etsy seller, AngryBaby.  This will be my first stop.
If you tell me this isn't freaking adorable I will punch you in the skull.

When I put my sweet little shnookums in this next get up, I have a feeling most of my family will be scratching their heads:

And no little girls toy collection would be complete without her very own Ugly Dolls!
This guy, Big Toe, is my fav!

So this is where I'm starting, but I need so much more than this.  This little one has a grandmother that will no doubt be buying all sorts of ridiculous lacey dresses, so I have stock up on the good stuff myself.  If you have any suggestions on great places to shop for horror/scifi themed baby gear, please let me know!

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