Monday, January 4, 2010

Vampires love Glee

As some may recall, a few posts back we recommended following @willthedaybreak on Twitter.  This Twit is, or was, a human witnessing and tweeting the beginnings of the vampire take-over that is to be seen in the upcoming movie Daybreakers.  I say 'was' because he has since become a vampire himself, having been attacked by his neighbor and eaten his own cat.  Fluffy didn't stand a chance.

Whenever I find new interesting characters like this fellow on Twitter, I like to check out those whom they follow.  I've found some of the best people that way.  I figured I'd find the predictable types in his list, vampire lovers, horror movie enthusiasts, etc.  However, I didn't bank on one type of Twit whom he seems to be most fond...Glee.  Yes, as in the show on Fox Glee.  We're not talking just the main show Twitter account, oh no, we're talking oodles of Glee fanatics from all over the globe.  Here are just a few from the first few pages of his Follow list:  @GLEEisLIFE @GleePodcast, @GleeForum, @gleeky, @gleequotes, @GleeFans, @gleeks, @GLEEonFOX, @GleekSquad, @gleebrasil_.  There may be more, but with almost 2,000 folks that he's following, I'm too lazy to do more searching.

I'm not sure why this made me giggle or even why it stood out at all.  Let's be honest, we've all always known that vampires have a flair for the dramatic.  Lestat loved to wear frilly clothes whilst prancing around New Orleans and the Twilight book/movie series vampires love drama so much so they actually choose to hang out with high school girls, perhaps the most dramatic species that ever walked the earth.  So it really seems only natural (or supernatural?) that a newly vampired being would gravitate to a show so overly dramatic (yet awesome, I do want to stress that I love Glee as well).  Hmm, since I also like Glee so much, I wonder if I would make a good vampire?  Probably not, I get annoyed by high school girls too easily, so I'll remain a blood bag for now.

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