Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Irregular Magazine focuses on the undead this issue

Irregular Magazine, an incredibly neat-o-riffic hobby web magazine, has just cranked out its third mag that is this time around heavily focused on the undead.  The magazine itself is an eclectic mix of all thinks uber-geek such as RPG, how to's & short stories that are fantasy/sci-fi/horror themed, articles and interviews with artists/geek celebs and more.   There's something different in each edition (I liked this ed's article on "Gender Equality in Zombies") and they are always looking for new contributors.  Below is a description of this issue from their website:

This issue is jam packed with undead related content, as well as a campaign supplement for recreating your own zombie apocalyse. Taylor Holloway has worked really hard to bring you background material that can be used for both RPG and tabletop wargames.

Cover artist Ricardo has combined the undead theme with the wintry release date to create an atmospheric cover, evoking violence and the slow passage of time.

We’ve got not one, by two great interviews this issue – with legendary painter, Victoria Lamb and top sculptor Bob Naismith.

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