Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Congratulations, It's a Bot!

Hands down the most disturbing recreation of a baby since "It Lives" that I've seen recently. Supposedly this beast, built by researchers at The University of California San Diego is intended to mimic the actions of a one-year-old baby. For research purposes.  What exactly they are researching, I cannot imagine. Most one-year-old human babies are not four feet tall or made of metal and wiring. Nor do they look like Vern Troyer. Let's just hope it won't want to breast feed...

 Mini-Me for the next century of Austin Powers sequels. Only bigger, apparently. 
Vern Troyer, shown here actual size.

Sure to kill any maternal urges you might have had.

"I just want to be a real boy!"

Thanks to Gajitz.com

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