Wednesday, January 20, 2010

February is Women In Horror Month

This February is the very first Women in Horror Month.  The creator, Hannah Neurotica, creator and editor of Ax Wound: Gender & The Horror Genre, wanted to create a time to recognize and celebrate all women connected to the horror genre.

From the Women in Horror website:
Hannah Neurotica - It is a month to celebrate all the women in the horror industry. Not just actresses but fx artists, writers, directors, female fans, etc. Honestly there is no deep significance [in choosing February] but when I came up with the idea I immediately thought of Feb because often it has 28 days. And ya know, the menstrual cycle. Plus the hearts and horror combination always makes me happy.
Just like with any other awareness month the key is the word “AWARENESS” when you have  time set aside or an event to recognize something you are making people AWARE of the need for it and the lack of support out there. Women have long been fans and workers in the horror scene as well as the general art and film scene but given very little recognition.  Most of them are invisible and we have to dig deep to even find out about them. 

Become a fan on Facebook and visit their website to learn of the newest celebratory events that have been added.  And don't forget to vote in the Women in Horror awards!

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