Friday, December 11, 2009

New iPhone app-- Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie

I admit it: I covered my face at the end of Paranormal Activity...both times!  Yes, even though I love horror movies and can watch the goriest hackfest, I couldn't stand the suspense of wondering what was going to pop out of the dark hallway as those heavy footsteps came up the stairs!  And once the movie was over, I wanted more, even though I could barely handle what they'd already given me.  If you were like me and wondered what the hell happened to Katie (did she vaporize, did she go on a killing spree, etc) you'll now get your answer.

IDW Publishing has created a digital comic iPhone app that is a serial continuation of the story.  Paranormal Activity: The Search for Katie is available to download for 99¢.  The reviews are luke-warm at best, though I'm not sure why.  If you are familiar with comics/graphic novels, I think you'll find this an entertaining app, well worth the money and a good continuation of the story.  I can only wager a guess that the lackluster reviews are from those who don't dig comics on a regular basis and were going to be disappointed no matter what.

Here is a brief synopsis of PA: SFK from the IDW website:

iPhone and iPod touch users have exclusive access to this digital comic, which begins AFTER the film's shocking cliff-hanger ending. IDW Publishing's first digital-exclusive comic follows a brilliant demonologist named Dr. Johann Averys [the guy in the film that Katie tried to get to help, but who was out of the country], as he tries to find Katie, the tragic main character of Paranormal Activity. Written by comic great Scott Lobdell (X-MEN; Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box), Paranormal Activity: The Search For Katie pairs Dr. Averys with feisty S.D.P.D. Detective Singh; together they attempt to discover the origins of the demon who haunted Micah and Katie. Mark Badger (The Gargoyle) provides captivating art that expertly depicts the horror of this tale. [Click here for full details.]

If nothing else, the app avatar is worth the 99¢ due to the fact that it's Katie's creepy mug as she lunges at the camera at the end of the movie.  So I finally get to see what I missed, and now that I've seen her face, I'm still sort of glad I didn't see it in motion! (Yes, yes, I know, I am a pansy...)

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