Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Follow a Daybreaker on Twitter

Viral marketing is not just a good business move, its damn fun, too.  By creating accounts on Facebook and Twitter that are from characters or organizations in a movie, the film allows the movie-goer to become a part of the story.  And who doesn't like to be a part of something!  Gee Willikers!

I am very excited about Daybreakers coming out soon and was equally excited when I learned of their viral marketing/social media campaigns.  Become a fan on Facebook and keep abreast of the latest news and info.  Visit the Capture Humans website, sponsored by Bromley Marks, to learn how YOU started the evolution. When you visit the Bromley Marks website, sign up for your own blood account and feed off of your friends on Facebook.

On Twitter, follow @willthedaybreak and interact with a human fighting to stay alive and make sense of this strange new world. Below is a photo (one of several that he's tweeted) that @willthedaybreak took from the stairwell of his building as well as a short video of someone (or something) he found outside his apartment.

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