Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Horror Movie Tribute

Watch it quickly, who knows how long before it's yanked!  The one from YouTube has already been taken down.  I got this one from the Raising Hell site.  Basically someone video'd their TV set, with the Paranormal Activity spoof and all, which is pretty cool.

Scary, but for all the wrong reasons
Personally, while I was happy the Academy Awards did something for horror movies, the segment itself was lacking.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVED that they included Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and some tried and true classics, but they included alot of clips of not-the-best movies simply for the fact that those movies produced later big names like Zellweger and Aniston and such.  Guess what: we know where they got their start.  Yay, good for them.  But the space those clips took up could have been used for some seriously awesome clips from movies like oh, I don't know, movies that were actually scary like Saw or Hostel and such.  Where were they?  And they included Twilight (barf, that is NOT a horror film by genre, it's scary for it's own teenage melodramatic reasons) and Edward Scissorhands.  Edward Scissorhands?  That is so far removed from horror (though definitely an awesome movie)! I guess I should be happy they did anything at all, but still....

What were your thoughts?

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