Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Undead Baby Dolls, Toddlerpedes & More Creepy Creations | WebUrbanist

We love what they do over at Web Urbanist. Every day they feature collected images of some of the most interesting examples of art and design that you have ever seen. Here's yet another one that fits into the continuing theme we have going on Bloody Blondes' with weird, creepy, and generally unsettling works of art. In this case dolls, puppets, and other small creatures. What is it about dolls that lends itself to so easily be twisted and altered so that they can become the most nightmare-inducing examples of freakdom? We don't know exactly what that is, either, but we like these and thought you would, too.


All images from the linked Web Urbanist article, via original artist websites as provided there.

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